“The Seven Habits of Happy Kids” by Steven Covey is the character education program used at Wild Rose. This program is designed to teach children about the power of living according to principles-principles such as responsibility, planning ahead, respect for other.s, teamwork , and balance.  This program will also equip our wolf pups with a common language they can use with parents and teachers.  It can be so helpful to say, “I need to put first things first” or “let’s find a win-win for this situation” and for everyone to know exactly what is meant.

(taken from The Seven Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey)


One Habit will be introduced each early dismissal Wednesday during the school year.  These habits are embedded in our “Leader of the Pack” initiative.  The students work to become  “Leaders of the Pack” and role models for their peers.  Students will receive PAWS for the traits listed and will place them in a Division I or Division II box in the office. Once students have collected five paws, they will receive a special “PAW keychain” and have their names announced during our monthly assemblies.  All recognized students will also be entered into a draw for a chance to win a “Leader of the Pack” water bottle or Frisbee. We believe that this allows the success of each of our students to be shared in a quiet, respectful way with all the members of our school community, including parents.  It is important for the children’s peers to see the above characteristics in action and to recognize good character examples.

Be Proactive

Begin with the End in Mind

Put First Things First

Think Win-Win

Seek First to Understand, Then be Understood


Sharpen The Saw