At Wild Rose, we believe education is a partnership between the student, parents (family) and staff who work together to create an effective and enhanced learning environment.  There are many ways that the parents can be active participants in the school community.

School Council

School Council meetings occur before Parent Society at 6:30.  All parents are invited to these meetings to share information, ideas, and concerns they may have about the school community.   This input is considered by the school administration, as it helps guide important decisions.  Provincial and district information from the school board trustee liaison is shared and the administration also provide an overview of what is happening at the school level at school council.

Stay up to date with the minutes that are shared at both meetings. (see attachments)  We look forward to seeing you at our meetings and invite feedback and suggestions at any time.

Wild Rose Parents Society

Meetings occur the third Tuesday of every month except for December and June at 7:00 pm in the school library.  The purpose of the committee is to provide spirit building in the school community and raise funds to enhance learning to enrich the educational experience of students at Wild Rose.  The mandate of the group is to raise funds and allocate these monies in such a way as to benefit most of the school population.  Certain funds are allocated to various school areas on a rotating three year cycle.  We are currently in year 3 of the three year cycle, and allocating funds to physical education. The Parents’ Society also organizes a casino about every two years that helps with the purchase of many resources that compliment classroom learning.